A senior advisor to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has expressed support for the ‘surprise attack’ launched by Hamas against Israel calling it a “proud operation”, The Times of Israel reported. “We support the proud operation of Al-Aqsa Flood,” The Times of Israel quoted Yahya Rahim Safavi as saying citing ISNA news agency.

“We support this operation, and we are sure that the resistance front also supports this issue,” says Safavi, who is a senior general in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. He also expressed backing for the Palestinian terrorists “until the liberation of Palestine and Jerusalem”. 

This comes after a barrage of rockets slammed into southern and central Israel after Hamas launched a surprise attack on Saturday morning.

According to the latest updates, at least 100 people have been killed and over 900 people are injured, The Times of Israel reported, according to The Times of Israel.

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani have also hailed the Hamas rocket attack stating that the day marks a “new page” in their “resistance against occupiers”. “Today’s operation marked a new page in the field of resistance and armed operations against the occupiers,” Kanani said. He added, “The resistance has so far achieved brilliant victories during this operation, and this is a bright spot in the history of the Palestinian people’s struggle against the Zionists.”

Earlier in the day, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a strongly worded response, stressed that the country’s focus is on restoring security and to exact an “immense price from the enemy”. Addressing the Security Cabinet meeting in Israel, Netanyahu further called on the citizens to unite for “victory” in the war. 

Source » latestly