Prosecutor warns of death penalty for thieves

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IRGC – Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

IRGC – Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

Iran Human Rights (IHR); October 9, 2020: The Public and Revolutionary Guards Prosecutor of Karaj threatened to execute “professional and armed thieves” while visiting the Alborz police intelligence exhibition.

According to ISNA, Hassan Madadi, the Alborz Central Public and Revolutionary Guards Prosecutor, threatened to execute “professional and armed thieves” on Tuesday, September 29, during his visit to the Alborz police intelligence exhibition held at the Alborz Police Command Headquarters.

“Professional and armed thieves pay the price for endangering people’s security with their lives,” Madadi said during the visit.

Speaking to journalists, he said: “Professional and armed thieves should know that from now on, we will not be turning a blind eye to them and those who encroach on people’s lives and property with clubs and firearms.”

He continued that if necessary, we will wage war and execute professional and armed thieves, adding: “these people should know that the judiciary and the prosecutor’s office are standing by this issue and will deal severely with such people with the cooperation of the police.”

Madadi concluded that: “We warn the professional thieves, those who behave violently and the thugs anywhere in the province, that from now on, the judiciary, with the cooperation of the police, will deal with them strictly in accordance with the law and will not be limited in any way in dealing with these people.”

According to the laws of the Islamic Republic, a court can charge an armed robber with “rebellion” which carries the death penalty. While issuing the death penalty for unarmed thieves is possible, it is unprecedented. Per the law, unarmed thieves are usually handed prison terms, the confiscation of property or amputation of limbs (hands).

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