The IRGC encourages the inmates to fight in the Syrian civil war

The Iran regime’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) uses the prisoners with capital crimes and long-term imprisonments to fight in the Syrian Civil war and kill the people of the country. According to the reports, one of the prisoners of Sheyban Prison of Ahvaz, who has recently been released, stated that some IRGC forces have held 6 meetings with the prisoners that have capital crimes and long imprisonments. At the end of the meeting, the sentence will be suspended for those prisoners agreed to be to Syria.

The prisoner added, “The prisoners did not accept the deal but I heard that some of those imprisoned in robbery ward have agreed to fight in Syria.”

The Iran regime had earlier deployed Iranian and Afghan prisoners with capital crimes to Syria as well. The IRGC has promised their release, if they come back alive, otherwise, the government will contribute to their families.

The Iran regime deploys the forces to the Syrian civil war in the name of ‘the defenders of holy shrines’. According to the figures, the IRGC has sent thousands of Afghans to Syria since November 2013.These Afghans did not have legal residence permit in Iran and were forced to be deployed.

Human Rights Watch Organization in its latest report announced that the IRGC uses the Afghan children to be in Syrian civil war. The human rights’ experts have identified 8 Afghan children who fought and were killed in Syria, as appears from the picture of gravestones taken from the cemeteries of Iran.

Based on the reports, the IRGC has hired a 14-year-old Afghan child to join the Fatemiyoun Division. The Foreign Ministry of Afghanistan also called for halting the recruitment of immigrants, especially the Afghan children who are living in Iran. The Spokesman of the Afghan Foreign Ministry, Ahmad Shekib Mostaghni on Monday, October 2, 2017, stated that a number of Afghan refugees residing in Iran are forced to act against the principals of the international law.

Sheyban Prison of Ahvaz was formerly the residence of engineers and workers of the Russian Techno prom Export Co. and the manufacturer of Ramin Power Plant. This prison consists of 12 buildings and each building has 4 units.

After the end of project, the Russian engineers have constructed some industrial sheds and several halls in prisons organization and turned them into a penitentiary. The State Prisons Organizations considered this place as a medical center, but it was actually a secret prison accessible only to the security forces. Sheyban is currently the central prison. The prison has the capacity of 2000 prisoners, nevertheless, there are currently 4500 people serving time there. The prisoners are in a very poor health condition with limited facilities.

Source » ncr-iran

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