IRGC hails military achievements despite U.S. sanctions


IRGC – Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

IRGC – Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) chief commander on Wednesday hailed the “achievements” of the Islamic republic in the defense sector despite U.S. sanction pressures, Tasnim news agency reported.

“The IRGC’s new defense achievements are remarkable despite the (U.S.) sanctions,” Hossein Salami was quoted as saying.

“In spite of pressures and economic, political, military and scientific sanctions, … our scientific technologies have been growing day by day,” said Salami in the northern city of Rasht on Wednesday.

“Today, the West lacks the capability to counter Iran’s achievements in various scientific areas,” he said.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is up-to-date in terms of modern technologies and if we want to unveil them, we should hold daily (unveiling) ceremonies,” he added.

Following the U.S. unilateral withdrawal from the landmark Iranian 2015 nuclear deal last year, it imposed unprecedented economic and political sanctions on the Islamic republic.

Source » xinhuanet

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