As the international community continues to denounce the recent Hamas invasion of Israel, Iranian officials are openly encouraging Palestinians to escalate their efforts.

Mohammad Baqeri, the chairman of the chiefs of staff of the Iranian armed forces claimed it would not be long before Palestinian youth succeeded in liberating the Al-Aqsa Mosque from what he referred to as “the Zionist enemy.”

He slammed the ongoing normalization attempts between Israel and Arab nations as a “plot” to prevent the collapse of the Jewish state, saying it “could neither halt nor delay the inevitable decline of Israel”.

Iranian authorities have consistently criticized Saudi Arabia’s efforts to establish relations with Israel, viewing such initiatives as detrimental to Palestinians.

Baqeri, in his message, also praised the efforts of Palestinian groups in their operations against “the Zionist armed forces in the occupied territories.”

Tehran has long provided support to militant Palestinian groups, including Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, both of which carried out the recent attacks against Israel and its civilians, resulting in the deaths and injuries of hundreds. The groups are part of Iran’s extensive network of proxy forces that span the region from Iraq to Lebanon and Yemen. Tehran openly acknowledges providing financial and military assistance to the proxies.

Source » iranintl