The Commander of the Revolution Guard (IRGC), Major General Hossein Salami, confirmed that “Israel” can no longer “roister as it used to,” stressing that its era of insolence has ended.

Salami said, “The heroic Palestinians are pursuing and arresting the [Israeli] soldiers without any fears” adding that “Israel” is no longer able to release slander and lies.

He had also praised Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, pursued by the Palestinian Resistance, in which it succeeded in inflicting heavy losses upon the occupation, saying that “today we see a strong Palestine”, stressing in his Hamadan governorate speech that “today is the end of the occupation and its aggression”, noting that “Americans are no longer able to save Israel.”

In the same vein, Salami emphasized that the United States was “a weak backbone,” reaffirming that “Israel has become weaker than it was.” In parallel, Salami underscored that God is the resistance’s backbone and that at the height of the blockade, the Resistance has demonstrated power that humiliated “Israel.”

Iran enjoys state-of-the-art military equipment while stressing that readiness for martyrdom and the school of martyrdom are factors that would ensure winning the war.

Source » almayadeen