Over a year after the onset of nationwide protests in Iran, the Tehran Special Unit of the Revolutionary Guards conducted a drill aimed at suppressing dissent.

Official news agencies aligned with the government shared images and videos of the exercise, the final phase of which took place on Tuesday under the supervision of Hassan Hassanzadeh, commander of the IRGC Forces in Tehran.

“Defensive, security, and anti-terrorist operations in various urban environments were conducted with the aim of achieving 100% readiness,” said a spokesman of the drills.

Hassan Hassanzadeh has faced sanctions from Western nations and some of their allies due to his active role in quelling the Women, Life, Freedom protests.

The drill took place amidst heightened tensions stemming from the case of Armita Geravand, a 16-year-old student who was admitted to the hospital after she lost consciousness in a subway car on October 1.

According to human rights organizations, she had a physical altercation with the Iranian morality police for her refusal to comply with compulsory hijab regulations. Three days later, she fell into a coma due to a “brain hemorrhage.” Armita is still in a coma, and her family is being denied access by security forces.

Source » iranintl