Iran has been blamed for a major cyber-attack on Parliamentary email accounts, including those of cabinet ministers.

Whitehall officials say Iran was behind a “sustained” cyber-attack on 23 June with hackers making repeated attempts to guess passwords of 9,000 accounts.

Up to 30 accounts are thought to have been compromised.

Security sources now believe the attackers came from Iran, although none of the information appears to have been used and the motive remains unclear.

BBC security correspondent Gordon Corera described the June attack as “not especially sophisticated” but told BBC Radio 4 it was a sign that Iran was becoming “more aggressive and capable as a cyber power”.

“It’s not clear what the Iranian motive was,” he told the PM programme, suggesting Iran may have been merely “exploring networks to see what they could find”.

At the time, Rob Greig, director of the parliamentary digital service, described the cyber-attack on Parliament as “more like a state activity than anything else”.

Source » bbc