Iranian communities in Europe welcome blacklisting the IRGC

The Iranian communities in Europe issued a statement welcoming the new US government’s policy towards the Iranian regime and naming the Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization. The statement announced:

“Every Iranian patriot who calls for freedom in Iran and the establishment of democracy and human rights and rejection of gender based discrimination as well as ethnic and religious repression in Iran welcomes blacklisting of the Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). Only the clerical regime and its lobby, and those who have a clear interest in continuing the regime of ignorance and oppression in Iran, are opposed to a decisive policy and enlisting IRGC as a terrorist entity.”

“We announce that the approach to naming the Revolutionary Guards and imposing sanctions against them is a serious and tangible indicator of the boundaries between the loyalists of a free Iran on the one hand, and the supporters and lobbyists of the clerical regime on the other hand.”

The statement, while outlining the implications of appeasement policy with the regime, adds: “The first and foremost victim of the policy of appeasement, which was the cornerstone of the U.S. policy in its previous administrations, were the Iranian people who have paid a heavy price for this policy over the years.”

“It has now become clear more than ever that the crises that have taken Iran and the whole region started with the clerical regime coming to power, and the solution to the crises is the overthrow of this regime by the Iranian people and Resistance. The upsurge and persistence of social, political, and economic protests that swept across Iran is promising for this clear vision.”

In their statement, the Iranian communities in Europe also called for the expulsion of the IRGC and all its mercenaries from the region and the trial of the regime’s officials responsible for the massacre of 30,000 political prisoners in 1988 in Iran.

Source » ncr-iran

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