Iran’s ruler Ali Khamenei has downplayed the killing of Israeli civilians in a speech on Tuesday, saying they were armed and Israel has killed many more Palestinians.

“Some officials in certain countries, who have spoken with our officials, have protested in defense of the Zionist occupiers as to why Palestinians have killed civilians,” Khamenei stated.

“Firstly, this statement is contrary to the truth. Those who live in [Israeli] settlements are not civilians. They are all armed. Even if we assume they are non-combatants, how many non-combatants have been killed? The regime is now killing hundred times more women, children, the elderly, and the youth non-combatants who are in these buildings in Gaza, not the combatants who are not residing there. The combatants are in their own positions, and they also know this.” Khamenei said.

The Islamic Republic, led by the 83-year-old authoritarian ruler, has been financially and militarily supporting Hamas, the Lebanese Hezbollah and other militant organization designated as terrorist groups by several Western countries. Top Iranian officials and government media rejoiced the news of Hamas’ attack on October 7, after the enormity of civilian massacre has already emerged. The government ordered street celebration and vowed to continue support for Hamas.

Khamenei went on to blame the United States for directing Israeli policies in the past one week, as Israel has been launching devastating air and artillery attacks against northern Gaza. Thousands of Palestinians have been killed and injured, as Hamas tries to prevent the population to move to less dangerous areas.

“They have to be prosecuted. The American government should also recognize its responsibility in this matter,” Khamenei said, and added, “Based on information we have, Americans are charting Israeli policies in the past one week. Americans should take responsibility, they are responsible. The bombings must be immediately stopped. Muslim nations are angry. Very angry. You see the signs of it, demonstrations by groups of people, not only in Islamic countries but also in Los Angeles, in the Netherlands, in France, in European countries, in Western countries. People are gathering, both Muslims and non-Muslims.”

He also warned that Muslims and the “resistance groups” might retaliate if “this crime continues.” It would be hard to prevent retaliation Khamenei said, quipping that in any case, “no matter what the Zionist regime does, it won’t be able to compensate for the embarrassing defeat it suffered in this matter.”

Many Islamic republic officials and government entities have been sanctioned by the West over the years for their gross human rights violation against the Iranian population. Since September 2022, when widespread anti-regime protests broke out, security forces have killed well over 500 civilians and severely wounded hundreds. Many young protesters were targeted by shotgun pellets in the face and lost one or both eyes. The regime also arrested 22,000 people, including journalists and hundreds of minors.

At the same time, a deputy commander of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards was quoted by state media on Tuesday as saying that Israel will face another shockwave by the resistance front if its “atrocities” do not stop in Gaza.

“The resistance front’s shocks against the Zionist regimes (Israel) will continue until this ‘cancerous tumor’ is eradicated from the world map,” said Ali Fadavi.

“Another shockwave is on the way, if Israel does not end atrocities in Gaza.”

Since the Hamas attack, the Iranian regime has mostly put aside its pretenses, showing clearly that Hamas and Hezbollah are virtually under their command.

Source » iranintl