In fear of the people’s uprising, the criminal and warmongering regime of the mullahs continued the mass execution of the prisoners. Khamenei’s henchmen hanged 10 prisoners in Qezelhessar Prison and a Balouch compatriot named Khodabakhsh in Zahedan Central Prison on Wednesday, October 18.

On Thursday, two prisoners named Vahid Kakavand and Fathollah Rashno were executed in Khorramabad, and one prisoner named Vahid Rashidi was hanged in Aligoodarz.

On Tuesday, October 17, the judicial executioners hanged six prisoners. Yaser Golzardian and Sajjad Moradi in Kermanshah Central Prison, Nader Karami in Gorgan Central Prison, Ali Barzang Chaman from Balouch compatriots, and Nazem Abayi in Isfahan Central Prison, along with a prisoner named Ketabi in Rasht Central Prison.

On Sunday, October 15, a prisoner in Ardabil Central Prison, and on October 14, a prisoner named Ali Asghar Cheraghi Far in Zanjan Central Prison, fell victim to the execution machine of Khamenei. Consequently, in the last four weeks, the regime’s judiciary has executed 69 prisoners.

The Iranian Resistance calls on the United Nations, the European Union, and member states to put an end to their silence and inaction in the face of record-breaking torture and executions in the 21st century and to take immediate action to stop the killing machine of this regime and save the lives of the death-row prisoners. The people of Iran are paying the price of appeasement and negotiation with the bloodthirsty mullahs through more executions and killings. Likewise, the people in the region are suffering from more war, death, destruction, displacement, and agony.

Source » ncr-iran