The IRGC is a corrupt and terrorist force of Khamenei

The German Committee for Solidarity for Free Iran, composed of representatives of federal and state parliaments, and political figures and human rights defenders in Germany, chaired by Otto Bernhart, announced in a statement their support for the new US strategy and rejecting appeasement policy toward the Iranian regime:

“We have always demanded that the issue of preventing nuclear weapons from this regime should not be separated from the aggressive behavior of the Iranian regime and the Revolutionary Guards (including the Quds Force and its militias) in the region, and in particular the human rights situation in Iran.”

With the actions of the US president, the Congress finds the power to impose sanctions to “neutralize the influence of the destabilizing regime of Iran and prevent its aggression,” which means the application of politics at its best.

The German Committee for Solidarity for Free Iran adds: We want the EU to adopt such an approach. Because the spreading the red carpet that has been continuously carried out in these years has not only yielded no results, but it has increased the suffering of the people of Iran and the region. The Iranian regime is not a trusted partner.”

“The IRGC plays an important role in implementing the interventionist policies of the Iranian regime, since this institution, as an economic and law enforcement force, organizes the repression of the people inside Iran. Outside of Iran, it develops its destructive force in the region and thus, a corrupt and terrorist force belonging to Khamenei commits crimes against humanity.”

“Therefore, terrorist designation of the Revolutionary Guards by the United States is a good and effective measure, and the support of Rouhani and Javad Zarif for the IRGC shows that they are dependent on the power of the Revolutionary Guards.”

“The European Union must realize that not only is the policy of approaching the Iranian regime wrong, but beyond that, the EU should further investigate the Iranian regime’s officials because they have committed crimes such as the massacre of political prisoners in 1988.”

The German Committee for Solidarity for Free Iran points out that “the National Council of Resistance and its elected president, together with the experts around this movement, is a democratic alternative that can organize the transition from religious dictatorship to a democratic society based on rule of law.

Source » ncr-iran

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