A conference was held in the Senate of Italy titled “Justice for the Massacre of 30,000 political prisoners and more than 80 women executed since the Iran regime’s president, Hassan Rouhani is in office.” At the conference, speakers called for the prosecution of perpetrators of the 1988 massacre for committing crimes against humanity.

The meeting was held on Wednesday, October 18, in the presence of Senator Silvana Amati, board member of the Italian Senate and Italian parliamentarians and political figures and human rights activists. The speakers emphasized the need for an UN-led inquiry into the massacre of political prisoners in Iran.

The conference condemned the increasing number of executions in Iran and human rights violations by the Iranian regime as well as the regime’s interference in the countries of the region, and the speakers called for the removal of the regime from the region and eviction of its Revolutionary Guards and militias from the region.

The meeting was hosted by Dr. Antonio Stangor, chairman of the Italian League for Human Rights, Ambassador Julio Terzi, former Italian foreign minister, Senator Stefania Pezzopane, Senate Parliamentary Immunity Committee, Mariano Rabino, member of the Foreign and Human Rights Commissions of the Parliament, Senator Luigi Kompania, Senate Foreign Affairs Commission, Senator Pietro Leitzi, and Elisabetta Zamparutti, chairman of the Italian committee of parliamentarians and citizens, and Elham Zanjani of the PMOI addressed the meeting.

Also, Concetta Giallombardo, Vice-Chair of the Women’s Lawyers Federation in Palermo, Italy, Aldo Forbice, prominent Italian human rights activists, and Dr. Vincenzo Ollita, chairman of the Free Society in Italy, participated in the conference.

Al-Arabiya TV, in a report from the conference in the Senate of Italy, said that the terrorist operations of the Iranian regime in the region and the world faced a new condemnation at a special parliamentary session in Italy, calling on Italian parliamentarians to put the Revolutionary Guards in terrorist lists. In their opinion, the IRGC is more dangerous than the Daesh (ISIS) gangs.

“As long as the IRGC continues its terrorist operations, there will be no trust in the Iranian regime in the nuclear deal, and there will no stability in the region and the world,” Al-Arabiya added.

Italy’s former foreign minister Julio Terzi told Al Arabiya: “The Iranian regime is fully responsible for instability in many parts of the Middle East. Everyone knows that the Iranian regime is at the forefront of countries that support terrorism in the world.”

Al-Arabiya added: “Italian MPs warned the European countries about the threats of the Iranian regime in the Middle East and the world, calling for the suspension of economic agreements with the regime and the inclusion of the Revolutionary Guards in the terrorist list.”

At the meeting, speakers called on the United Nations and the international human rights organizations to conduct independent investigations into human rights violations in Iran.

Al-Arabiya said: “Italy’s prime minister had earlier said that Italy supported United States President Donald Trump’s position on Iran and agreed with Tramp’s new strategy.”

Source » ncr-iran