Iran could launch a missile at Haifa “without hesitation,” deputy chief of the IRGC Ali Fadavi said on Monday morning, threatening direct combat between Israel and the Islamic Republic.

Fadavi, the deputy commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards, said that “if it is necessary and [the order is given],” Iran will strike Israel’s northern city “without hesitation.”

Speaking to Iranian students at the University of Tehran, Fadavi replied to a question on Iran taking direct action against Israel, answering: “Some of you young people consider practical action to be a direct missile to Haifa, of course, if it is necessary, this will be done, and it will be done without hesitation.”

He also claimed that the IDF is lying about the Iron Dome’s successful interception rate, claiming it to be just 30%.

“America created Israel for its security, and if it feels insecure, it will easily sacrifice it,” Fadavi added.

IRGC deputy chief: Israel will suffer another shockwave

Earlier on in the war, Fadavi threatened Israel with a “shockwave by the resistance front if its atrocities do not stop in Gaza.

“The resistance front’s shocks against the Zionist regime will continue until this ‘cancerous tumor’ is eradicated from the world map,” said Fadavi.

“Another shockwave is on the way, if Israel does not end atrocities in Gaza.”

Source » jpost