In recent years, Iran has witnessed nationwide protests like November 2019 which have threatened the regime’s security. The regime has found the only solution to curb these protests to be repression and killings.

The formation of a Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) strike force under in the name of neighborhood-centered patrols of the Basijis and the so-called plan of fighting the thugs by the police, and lately the entry of the IRGC, the Basij, and the police into the social sphere under the pretext of fighting social harms are meant to prevent any further protests.

The Saat-24 and the Payam website were just some of the many media outlets which reported on October 20, 2021, about the regime’s new decisions to increase the repression.

This is something that is declaring the regime’s increasing brutality, especially in the use of the executions, dissidents say. At least 31 prisoners have been executed in the past 30 days, which raises the number of executed persons in Iran since the start of Ebrahim Raisi’s government to 141 persons.

A look at the names of the new governors and ministers who are IRGC officers shows the regime’s real fear.

IRGC officer Mohsen Rezaei, Deputy Economic Director of Raisi
IRGC officer Hossein Amir Abdollahian, Minister of Foreign Affairs
IRGC officer Ahmad Vahidi Minister of Interior
IRGC officer Rostam Qasemi, Minister of Roads and Urban Development
IRGC officer Mohammad Ali Zolfi Gul Minister of Science and Research
IRGC officer Ismail Khatib Information Minister
IRGC officer Mohammad Reza Gharai Ashtiani, Minister of Defense and Support of the Armed Forces
IRGC officer Bahram Einollahi, Minister of Health
IRGC officer Ezatollah Zarghami, Minister of Cultural Heritage and Tourism
IRGC officer Amin Hossein Rahimi, Minister of Justice
IRGC officer Mohammad Mehdi Esmaeili, Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance
IRGC officer Saeed Mohammad, secretary of the Supreme Council of Free Zones

Raisi has also handed over the governorate of 13 provinces to the Revolutionary Guards until now.

The state-run daily Eghtesad news on October 19, 2021, quoted the Tehran Municipality’s Social Deputy, Amin Tavakolizadeh, and announced that the IRGC Khatam al-Anbia base with the help of the mosques and the regime’s Friday prayers leaders are carrying out the so-called ‘Social Support’ plan in the capital.

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