Yemen’s information minister Muammar al-Eryani shared a video of a Houthi militiaman holding a mic and prompting primary school students in Yemen’s city of Ibb to repeat pro-Houthi and pro-Iran chants.

On his official Twitter account on Saturday, Eryani said: “These are the morals that the Iranian Houthi militias want to ingrain in our children’s brains for generations to come in every morning lineup at schools to destroy the social fabric and obliterate the Yemeni identity by declaring power to the master of the cave, repeating the Iranian cry and changing education curriculums.”

He added that the Houthi militias are using children and students as human shields to protect their leaders from being targeted and to appeal to public opinion and the international community in a clear contravention of international laws and human rights that prohibit the use of children in war conditions and endangering their lives.

Source » alarabiya