“In all ground operations so far, the Israelis have been defeated. They do not have the ability to wage war against Hamas. The ground is Hamas’s strong point, and if they engage in a ground war, they will be swallowed up, and Gaza will become their grave,” explained the general.

“The blow that the enemy received in the Operation Al-Aqsa Storm was exceptional, unexpected, surprising, and powerful. The crazy reactions of Israel and its supporters show that they no longer have mental balance and are confused and disoriented,” Salami remarked, noting that Western leaders keep arranging visits to the occupied territories to console the regime. However, the major general said, they must know that they will not be able to revive Israel anymore.

“What does the presence of Zionist people in the heart of the Islamic nation mean? They seek to undermine Islamic territories, and as long as they exist, we will only see evil and insecurity.
The U.S., Britain, Germany, and other supporters of Israel have joined hands to destroy Palestinian children, but know that Gaza will remain steadfast, and the enemies, like other defeated wars, will leave the region in disgrace”.

Source » tehrantimes