The mullahs’ regime’s Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS) and the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) in Sistan and Baluchestan have jointly issued a statement regarding their collaborative operations against the extensive network of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) within the province. In this statement, they report the arrest of 19 individuals from this organization and make the unsubstantiated claim that these individuals have targeted military and SSF (State Security Force) facilities while carrying out multiple operations. The statement also includes the baseless and ridiculous allegation that PMOI forces were not only involved in causing disruption and insecurity but also in “assassinating well-known ethnic and religious figures.”

Additionally, the MOIS and the IRGC have called upon the “mullahs supporting people” in the province “to promptly report any suspicious activities to the news bureaus of the MOIS or the IRGC Intelligence Organization considering the malevolent intentions of the enemy”!

In response to these allegations, the PMOI spokesperson stated that if Khamenei believes he can suppress Zahedan and the Baluch people amidst its warmongering in Gaza, he is sorely mistaken and will face a resolute response from the Baluch people and the entire Iranian population.

The spokesperson emphasized that it is evident that the regime, through the absurd claim of “assassinating well-known ethnic and religious figures” by PMOI, aims to intimidate and force specific figures into taking a stance against the PMOI, ensuring that Friday prayers would be held without disruption.

The PMOI spokesperson stressed that if the mullahs’ MOIS and IRGC are telling the truth, they should accept the United Nations special rapporteur or an international delegation of lawyers to meet with the detained individuals in order to uncover the truth.

Source » mojahedin