President Joe Biden’s supine posture toward Iran and its proxies is driving the Middle East — and the rest of the world — toward full-blown catastrophe.

Western leaders are frozen by the fear of escalation. But tensions and attacks will escalate for as long as an enemy who’s sworn aim is to destroy you can get away with it. Find the courage to deal with it head-on, before it’s too late.

Via its proxy armies around the region, Tehran has now launched at least 27 attacks on American troops over the past three weeks.

Twenty-seven. Separate. Attacks.

At least three of them came on a single day, Monday, on targets stretching across Iraq and Syria.

At least 21 service members have been injured, many severely.

Biden’s response? Airstrikes on a weapons depot and an ammo dump linked to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, ordered only after more than 15 of the attacks had already occurred.

Put bluntly: He did nothing.

No deterrence, no new sanctions; only a bog-standard Biden half-measure that will simply encourage Tehran to keep sending its drones and rockets at us across the region.

How long does the president plan to continue doing nothing?

Until a soldier actually dies? Until 10? 20? More?

And then, perhaps, a sternly worded letter of condemnation?

Maybe yet another menacing “Don’t!”?

Remember that Biden’s own policies have invited this.

The defining feature of his foreign policy was an effort to build a rapprochement with Tehran and revive the disastrous 2015 Obama nuclear deal.

That was coupled with easily $50 billion in massive cash relief to the mullahs — and, most recently, a $6 billion ransom for five American hostages — and clear signaling that a US realignment toward Iran was underway.

Then came the Iran-backed Hamas atrocities of Oct. 7, the bloody clarion call of the Islamic Republic announcing its resurgence.

And now, Tehran has begun to open direct hostilities with us.

Make no mistake: This will continue — and worsen — until Biden gets serious about ending it.

For starters, direct overwhelming kinetic force against Iran’s proxies, the IRGC commanders who give them their marching orders and the local infrastructure they rely on — coupled with the clear and credible threat of devastation to come.

Iran and its paramilitaries only understand one language: force.

The longer Biden refuses to face that fact, the more carnage will come — and the deeper and graver the risk of truly disastrous escalation will grow.

Source » nypost