Risk Level:
89% May harm your business future;

This entity is connected with designated / sanctioned entities who are helping Iranian Regime Terrorist Activities & development of WMD

High Alert – Entity affiliated with Designated / Sanctioned / Illicit entities

The LAUREN, which turned off twice its AIS signal last year when it travelled to the Iranian LPG port, is owned by Golden Lotus Oil Gas & Real.;

The lack of AIS and the conspicuous at-sea encounters involving the LAUREN, the GAS SELLAN and the CROWN, now called Paula — let’s assume more devious intentions. The behaviour fits a general pattern increasingly displayed by China recently to import US-sanctioned Iranian oil, helping to finance the Islamic Republic.

Another vessel involved in last year’s April events, the CROWN, now the Vietnam flagged PAULA, is owned by Golden Lotus Oil Gas & Real, for which IMRRA’s commercial risk rating aimed at managers and operators, gives only a poor risk confidence rating of 47 per cent, making it a bold statement to the rest of the shipping business community, urging stakeholders to review it;

HawkEye360 cites evidence that the vessel visited Pars Petrochemical Port (port Asaluyeh), and turn off its AIS signal (similarly to the LAUREN last year) After seen anchoring in the UAE, it sailed to Dongguan, China where it arrived in December of 2019.

19 — 21st of April, 2020: After the Lauren’ (IMO number 9249685) enters the Middle East Gulf on 19th April 2020, with a draft of 5.5 meters, it vanishes.

The gap in AIS signal records takes around two days to resolve, between April 19 and April 21. Then, when signalling resumes, it heads towards Dubai, in the opposite direction. The vessel now miraculously increases its draft to 6.9 meters on April 21 compared with April 19.

Satellite images suggest that the 20-year-old LPG tanker docked at ASALUYEH port, in Iran, while dodging AIS radar screens, loaded LPG and returns to the UAE EEZ (satellite images corroborate this) to meet the Vietnamese LPG vessel GAS SELLAN.

March 23rd, 2020: During the period of a bit more than a day, the two ships are spotted to linger side by side. Open source Sentinel 2 satellite images also show them floating seemingly motionless, peer-to-peer in open waters. Shortly after, on the 24th, the two ships depart from the area. The Lauren, heading north-west, is lighter and draft records show that the GAS SELLAN increased its draft after the meeting.

The Lauren heads back towards the Iranian port, again, officially signalling to be on its way to Shuwaikh Port in Kuwait. However, that is a ruse, we have seen before. It switches off its AIS signal again at the same location and only re-emerges on April 27, again, with a larger draft.

The subject is specialized in doing business on Sea and coastal freight water transport. The subject is a Joint stock company, with registered capital of 600,000,000,000VND. The key leader is: CAO DUC SON. The corporate structure, management skills and financial ratios are important to evaluate subject’s business commitment. GOLDEN LOTUS OIL GAS AND REAL ESTATE JOINT STOCK COMPANY is a part of the Sea and coastal freight water transport industry. GOLDEN LOTUS OIL GAS AND REAL ESTATE JOINT STOCK COMPANY has total 164 employees accross all its locations and has total sales of $1,081,696.14 and 404 related companies;

Shipping Industry

Also Known As:
Golden Lotus Oil Gas & Real



No. 67 Pho Duc Chinh Street, Truc Bach Street, Ba Dinh District, Ha Noi City, Vietnam

Reason for the color:
» Iran’s new dark-shipping tactics to export gas to Asia;

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