Iran continues to bring military reinforcements to Syria from Iraq, according to local sources, in parallel with a state of alert of the IRGC-affiliated militias in eastern Syria.

The past days witnessed the entrance of dozens of members from the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces.

Opposition local media revealed that IRGC military reinforcements of more than 50 Iraqi and Lebanese members crossed the Syrian-Iraqi border to Al Bukamal.

Well-informed sources told the Bladi News website that the members entered on Saturday and settled in a military headquarters of the IRGC near the Al Fayhaa Hospital in Al Bukamal and were then moved to Al-Quriyah and Al-Taybeh in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor.

Sources from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights revealed that the Iranian militias leadership will send trained Afghan and Pakistani fighters to the region to train residents from east of the Euphrates.

The river line separating Iranian militias-held areas from SDF-held areas has witnessed suspicious movements recently, added the sources.

Moreover, local sources said that the Iranian militias have offered the tribal notables their assistance by recruiting their sons in exchange for many temptations while providing them with security cards and weapons.

In the past days, a leader from the Iranian militias and a number of the regime officers held several meetings with notables in the Al Bukamal.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard announced its need to recruit nearly 1,000 individuals aged between 14 to 30 to the ranks of the formation, where it started admitting volunteers to their ranks in Deir Ezzor city and the villages of Hatlah, Marat, Al-Husseiniyah for monthly salaries of 1.5 million Syrian pounds.

The task of recruiting young men has been entrusted to several local commanders affiliated with Iranian militias, added the Observatory.

The volunteers later will be moved to Damascus and then to Lebanon by the Lebanese Hezbollah militia to send them to Palestine and join the fight against Israel.

SOHR sources have reported that the Iranian-backed militias transferred more than 300 fighters from the Special Task Force and other forces from Deir Ezzor, Homs, and Aleppo to Al-Qunaitrah, Rif Dimashq, and the border with the occupied Golan.

Among those transferred were dozens of fighters who were urgently trained in Deir Ezzor, specifically within the Ayash camp by IRGC.

The SOHR revealed that the Lebanese Hezbollah and the “Syrian Resistance for the Liberation of the Golan,” have ordered their fighters to stay on high alert within their positions in the western countryside of Damascus, at the borders with Lebanon and in the occupied Golan.

They brought in military and logistical reinforcement to fortify these positions, moved weapons to safer places, and put on high alert to deal with any possible Israeli attacks.

Source » aawsat