The only party enjoying the tragedy unfolding in Gaza is the mullahs’ regime in Iran, whose leaders cannot even hide their joy behind crocodile tears for the victims of this conflict. They believe that with the killings and destruction in Gaza, they have obtained a shield for themselves against the uprising of the Iranian people and can temporarily postpone their own downfall.

The speakers of Friday sermons, who reflect the views of Iranian regime supreme leader Ali Khamenei, openly talk about the “blessings” of this war for the regime, and some even say, “If today we don’t confront the Zionists at their borders, tomorrow they will come into our homes.”

Some of Khamenei’s associates depict the bombing of the people of Gaza in various ways as a normal and even necessary act.

On October 28, the official IRNA news agency quoted Kamal Kharrazi, former Foreign Minister and head of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations of the regime, as saying, “Of course, Palestinians are accustomed to a life accompanied by the massacre and crimes of the regime… Therefore, they are prepared to pay such costs in exchange for a strategic victory.”

On October 18, state-run Jamaran website quoted Abbas Araghchi, the Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Khamenei, as saying, “The strategy of the Resistance Axis is to ‘resist’ and ‘be prepared to pay the costs of resistance.’ This is exactly what Hamas and Jihad in Gaza expect.”

It is evident that the regime is sacrificing the people of Gaza and Palestine for its heinous goals. This reality is even acknowledged by some regime newspapers. On October 28th, the Ham-Mihan newspaper wrote, “Their issue is neither Palestine nor Israel. Their issue is the expansion of domestic power.”

“Expansion of domestic power” is another expression for the “preservation of power and the regime,” which Ruhollah Khomeini, the founder of the mullahs’ regime, defined as the “most important duty.”

Khomeini employed expressions regarding using people as shields that demonstrate his cruelty and inhumanity. In July 1981, during a public speech, he said, “If the infidels put a group of Muslims forward as shields, imagine that the corrupt Iraq places a group of Muslims as shields and stands behind them to attack and capture Iran. It is obligatory for us to kill both Muslims and the infidels. His Muslims become martyrs and go to paradise, and his infidels will go to Hell.”

Khomeini did not value human lives. However, beyond that, the actions of Khomeini and his associates during the Iran-Iraq War and their insistence on continuing it through criminal means are the clearest evidence of this inhuman logic.

During the Iran-Iraq War, when the people of Khuzestan were fleeing the war zone and seeking refuge in other cities and provinces, including Fars and Shiraz, the Friday Prayer leaders called them traitors and urged other people to spit on them.

With the logic of using human shields, the regime would send students to the war fronts, wrap them in blankets, and use them as mine sweepers. Mohsen Rezaei, then a senior military officer in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), also referred to these children as “disposable soldiers.”

Khamenei, following in the footsteps of Khomeini, continued the practice of using innocent human lives as shields. He did not hesitate to engage in the massacre of the Iraqi people with car bombings, nor did he hesitate to participate in the killing and displacement of people in Syria and Yemen. He did not show any hesitation in shooting down the Ukrainian passenger plane with 176 passengers on board, nor did he hesitate in the massacre of the Iranian people during the COVID-19 pandemic and the prohibition of the import of COVID-19 vaccines.

Indeed, the trajectory of events shows that the smoke of criminal warmongering will eventually dissipate, and it will not escape its overthrow by the people of Iran and their resistance movement.

Source » eurasiareview