Iranian President Hassan Rouhani reacted as expected on Monday to the reimposition of U.S. sanctions, saying that “unfair sanctions are against the law, U.N. resolutions and international accords. Therefore, we will proudly break the sanctions.” He’s wrong about international law because the U.S. is merely reimposing American sanctions. Barack Obama never submitted the Iran nuclear deal to the U.S. Senate as a treaty, so President Trump can withdraw from it as he wishes. But no doubt Mr. Rouhani believes Iran can evade sanctions and wait out the Trump Presidency.

The real man to watch in Tehran, however, is Qasem Soleimani, who runs the Quds Force that is responsible for supporting terrorist proxies around the world. He’ll decide how and when to retaliate against U.S. interests, perhaps violently, and the Trump Administration will have to be ready to respond.

Source » wsj