Iran has introduced a new salary structure for its soldiers, taking into account various factors such as the place of service, marital status, and the number of children.

Soldiers will now receive variable monthly salaries ranging from $60 to a maximum of $180, according to Hossein Zahedi, the Deputy of Public Military Service. The current minimum wage in Iran is around $150 a month with the average income between $150-250.

The change follows the legal requirement that soldiers should receive a minimum of 60% of the minimum official employee salary and a maximum of 90%. Zahedi explained that the aim is to ensure fair and targeted compensation for the country’s military personnel.

In addition to the new salary structure, Zahedi announced that the service duration for soldiers has been revamped, meaning soldiers serving in hostile border areas may now have their service periods reduced to as little as 14 months.

Unofficial data suggests that Iran has approximately 400,000 to 500,000 conscripts, with the majority serving in the traditional Army. Some individuals with connections have the opportunity to serve in the Revolutionary Guard, which offers better conditions. There are also conscripts assigned to national police units, often engaged in suppressing protests.

Under Iran’s constitution, all men over 18 years of age are required to complete approximately two years of military service. Failure to do so restricts their ability to apply for passports or engage in legal business activities. Leaving before end of service is also punishable under law as charges of ‘desertion’.

This year’s latest budget showed an ongoing priority given to the military while the rest of Iranian society fell to the worst in decades. Research showed 21 percent of the budget allocated to military and armament goals, while the IRGC got a huge 31 percent of the budget with the army gaining just 11.5 percent of the total budget. However, veiled in secrecy, the budget figures are not transparent under the regime’s watch.

Source » iranintl