An Iranian Revolutionary Guard official revealed that prisoners expressed a desire for the return of the exiled prince Reza Pahlavi to Iran.

The surprising statement by Yadollah Javani, the political deputy of the IRGC came during an organizational meeting held on Tuesday night in East Azerbaijan province.

Javani raised concerns about the use of terms like “conquering the streets,” “a new revolution,” and other similar phrases by opposition groups.

Notably, this is the first instance of a senior official within the IRGC publicly acknowledging support for the Pahlavi regime and the desire for Reza Pahlavi’s return to Iran during a public speech. The exiled prince is widely considered the most viable alternative to the Islamic regime and remains a positive figure on the world stage.

The regime’s smear campaign against the Pahlavis aligns with its evolving tactics in the realm of ‘soft warfare,’ as coined by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. In recent times, Khamenei has employed this term to describe endeavors in the media and on social platforms, aimed at presenting alternative interpretations in an attempt to portray the regime more favorably than its actual nature.

Source » iranintl