The exercise covers an area from the eastern parts of the Strait of Hormuz to the northern tip of the Indian Ocean and parts of the Red Sea. It involves forces from the Army Ground Force, Navy, Air Force, and Air Defense units.

The Qader is a medium-range anti-ship cruise missile developed by Iran. It is an upgraded version of Noor (a copy of the Chinese C-802 missile). The missile, which was unveiled in August 2011, has a range of 300 km and is described by Iranian officials as “the most powerful and precise missile of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Navy”

The Yingji-82 or YJ-82 is a Chinese anti-ship missile first unveiled in 1989 by the China Haiying Electro-Mechanical Technology Academy (CHETA), also known as the Third Academy. Its export name is the C-802.

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