The fifth and final day of the Iran Atrocities Aban Tribunal was held in London on Sunday, November 14, 2021.

The Iran Atrocities Aban Tribunal is known as an international people’s tribunal. Organized by rights groups based in London, Paris and Oslo, Norway, aimed at investigating the atrocities committed by the Iranian regime during its bloody crackdown on nationwide protests in November 2019.

Witness 367, a former employee of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Khatam-ol Anbia Garrison, testified on the fifth day on the role of the IRGC in violent crackdown on the protests in November 2019.

Witness 367 did not disclose his identity. He used to work at Khatam-ol Anbia Garrison. Due to shortage of forces, the IRGC deployed its employees to participate in the suppression of people.

The forces of the IRGC garrison damaged and destroyed people’s shops and vehicles but pretended that the damage was caused by the people.

A woman, witness 18, who remained anonymous said her son was shot and killed in these protests. She said the authorities did not hand over the body of her son to their family. A week later, they called the family from a cemetery and told them to go there to bury their son. She said her son’s death certificate indicated the reason of death as “being hit by an accelerated object.”

Witness 119 did not disclose his identity, either. He said he had witnessed government agents shooting at people in a small town. Several people had been wounded and a 16-year-old girl had been killed. The streets all over this town had been tainted with blood which was later washed by municipal workers.

Witness 2016 who did not declare her identity said that she had seen security forces shooting a pregnant woman. A young man, the son of her friend, who wanted to help her, was also shot, and arrested, and deprived of medical treatment while in detention.

She also said that security forces were present in medical clinics and arrested the wounded.

Witness 245, who wanted to remain anonymous, said the ambulances carried the wounded to the police station instead of hospital.

Several young men who looked under 20 years of age had used a 12-meter object as a shield and threw stones from behind it. Security forces opened a barrage of bullets on them, destroying one’s head and wounding another one.

The Iran Atrocities Aban Tribunal started its work on November 10, 2021, in London. This people’s international tribunal heard the testimonies of many protesters, arrestees, and relatives of the victims killed during Iran protests in November 2019. They revealed shocking details on the mechanism of suppression, torture, and murder of protesters by the Iranian regime’s security forces.

Some experts of international law said the slaughter in November 2019 in Iran was a crime against humanity.

The protests of November 2019 erupted in protest of the sudden petrol price hike.

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