Viewers of Iranian Channel 5’s morning show on Nov. 13 were invited to respond to a quiz about how long a Sejjil ballistic missile would take to travel the distance between Tehran and Tel Aviv.

The winner would receive 200,000 toman (2 million rials, equivalent to a little over $43) in cash.

According to the show’s video posted by MEMRI, the host said: “Good morning. Thank you for watching. Text your answer to the following question: How long does it take for a Sejjil missile to cross the distance between Tehran and Tel Aviv?”

The host then asked: “A- Seven to ten minutes; B- twenty minutes; or C- thirty minutes. Text your answer to 100-005-19. We will randomly select two people who will receive a prize of 200,000 toman.”

Iranian officials frequently threaten Israel with attacks and destruction.

ifmat - Iran TV morning show quiz How long would a missile take to reach Tel Aviv

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