As nationwide protests linger in Iran following the police custody death of a 22-year-old woman in September, videos have emerged laying bare the brutality of the crackdown on protesters.

In one video, obtained by Reuters on Tuesday, people can be seen at a metro station chanting, “I am a free woman,” while stomping their feet in unison and clapping.

In another video, released Wednesday, screams and loud bangs can be heard in the background, forcing people to run for their lives and fall over each other as a train leaves a platform at a metro station in Tehran.

Another video shows police firing what appears to be a paintball gun at protesters as a crowd shouts back: “Leave them alone!”

Yet another video shows a chaotic scene at a metro station where people can be seen running up and down the stairs while police drag a person on the floor.

Demonstrations have rocked the country since the death of Mahsa Amini, who was detained in September by the morality police for not properly wearing the Islamic headscarf.

Thousands of people have been detained for participating in peaceful protests and at least one person has been sentenced to death. The U.N. Human Rights Office has called on Iran’s government to release the detainees, faulting its “increasing harshness” as Western countries seek to ratchet up scrutiny of Tehran’s crackdown against demonstrators.

Source » foxnews