European Union Foreign Ministers decided on Monday to consider imposing sanctions against the Iranian regime over its role in terrorist actions in Denmark and France.

Adopting a firm policy toward the religious fascism ruling Iran is an imperative requisite for combatting state terrorism.

The Iranian Resistance therefore calls for the blacklisting of the regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) as a terrorist entity and prosecution of its agents and diplomats who were directly involved in the terrorist plots in Albania, France, the United States and Denmark, respectively in March, June, August and September 2018. The regime’s diplomat-terrorists and agents must be prosecuted and held accountable.

The MOIS, Revolutionary Guards, and the IRGC Quds Force are today the largest machinery for the export of state terrorism around the world.

Several decades of the appeasement policy toward the religious dictatorship in Iran, and all the economic and political incentives that it has given the regime in these years, has only encouraged the regime to further export terrorism, carry out human rights abuses and attempt to obtain nuclear weapons.

Source » ncr-iran