Iranian Minister of Cultural Heritage and Retired IRGC General Ezzatollah Zarghami said during an interview this week that he personally visited Hamas’ underground tunnels inside Gaza to teach them how to use Iranian rockets.

The remarks come after there has been strong evidence linking Iran to Hamas’ October 7 terrorist attack when the group murdered 1,200 Israelis.

“Fajr-3, which is a 240mm rocket, was one of our products,” he said during an interview in Iran. “Later, we made its warhead smaller and it had a range of 70 km. My first mission was to take this rocket — I say this with the utmost pride and with no fear of anyone — the leader has already said that we were helping (Hamas). We support the oppressed everyone — Shiite Hezbollah as well as Sunni Hamas. These are what (Khamenei) has declared in the past. I traveled to the region as the production manager of those rockets, and I supplied them to both Hezbollah and the Palestinians.”

“For some time, I was inside the very same tunnels that they are fighting from,” he continued. “Six or seven years ago, I posted about this and got the nickname ‘yellow canary.’”

“In the tunnels, I provided training about the usage and specifications of the rockets,” he said. “These training course were highly successful.”

He said that while in the tunnel, he discovered that the terrorist group had canaries in cages and he thought that the birds were there to sing and to bring a sense of normalcy to the underground world.

“The commander replied that the birds are not meant for singing, they are meant to be (oxygen) sensors in case the airflow is disrupted,” he said. “If the airflow becomes weaker, the birds stop singing and drop dead. When the bird dies, we realize that there is a problem with airflow.”

Source » dailywire