The Instagram accounts of Iranian actress Maryam Masoumi and Setareh Masoumi, the wife of football player Mehdi Ghayedi, have been blocked due to the publication of photos without hijab.

Maryam Masoumi’s account, boasting one million and 300 thousand followers, and Setareh Masoumi’s account, with 578 thousand followers, were both affected by the suspension.

On Maryam Masoumi’s page, a photo with a caption said, “This page has been suspended on the order of the judicial authorities by the Public Security Police.”

Similarly, a photo on Setareh Masoumi’s page conveyed that the page was blocked “according to the order of the judicial authorities, due to the publication of criminal content.”

The blocking occurred while Mehdi Ghayedi and his spouse are currently residing in Dubai. The key issue revolves around how these accounts were blocked without gaining access to Instagram’s internal system. While the exact details remain uncertain, the most plausible scenario is that the account owners were requested to provide their passwords, following which the accounts were blocked.

In response to the incident, Fars News Agency, affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards, reported on Monday that the reason for Maryam Masoumi’s page suspension was attributed to “the young actress’s use of images with inappropriate clothing.”

The development is part of a broader trend where many Iranian women, including notable figures, consistently share photos without mandatory hijab on social networks.

The police, particularly after the Woman, Life, Freedom protests have taken measures to curtail the activities of individuals who defy mandatory hijab, leading to detentions in some cases.

Source » iranintl