Baluch political prisoners write letter on systematic torture in prison

A group of political and security prisoners at Zahedan Prison who wanted to keep their identity secret, wrote an open letter about the tortures they were subjected to by their interrogators.

This letter reads in part:
“There are numerous figures and documents on physical and psychological torture in the detention centers and prisons in these areas, but unfortunately, they are denied by the Iranian authorities, including the head of the judiciary, who orders the crimes … So in response to Larijani, who requested testimonies about the use of torture by their agents, we have noted some points below.
1. Murad Mohammad Deh Baluch, 45. He was arrested by the border regiment in 2017, and was subjected to severe torture. He mentioned the name of Abdul Majid Paidar, known as Majed, 27 years old, under torture. Majid, who was charged with murder and was detained in Chabahar Prison, was transferred to the regiment border detention facility. The tortures they was subjected to are as follows:
1- They were completely stripped and boiling hot water was poured on them.
2- They put needles in their reproductive organs.
3. They were hung upside down from their feet.
4. Their nails were pulled out.
5. They were left in absolute darkness for about forty days. As a result Murad Mohammed lost about 70 percent of his eyesight.
6. They were hung from their hands and feet.

They were not allowed to bathe for two months.
8. They were only allowed to use the restroom once in every 24 hours.
9. Their food rations were only the size of the palm of their hands.
10. For three months, their food was given to them in the same unwashed plate, which they were forced to eat.
11. They were beaten with cables while eating.

The second group of prisoners want their identities kept secret. They have also been tortured and are currently in detention at the Zahedan Ministry of Intelligence Detention Center. The condition of these prisoners was so poor that they (agents) showed their wounds to other prisoners to get confessions from them.
Their names are as follows:
Nadim, Ehsan, Mohsen, who are three brothers and Mohammad, their nephew, were arrested on charges of killing a soldier and a Basij agent and for being in contact with a dissident group. They have pulled out their nails and Ahmad’s (maybe Mohammad) hands and feet were tied for four months.

The third group currently detained in the Zahedan Ministry of Intelligence Detention Center:
1 – Mohammad Saleh Shahdad Zehi
2 – Mahmoud Shahli Bar
3 – Idris Ronkni
4 – Abdul Aziz Rokni
5 – Hashem Zardkuhi
These prisoners have been detained in the Ministry of Intelligence for 5 months on charges of killing a Revolutionary Guards Corps officer by the name of Saiadi. They have been subjected to the worst kind of torture and have been forced to say that Molana Fazl al-Rahman Kohi (a Sunni cleric) has given them a fatwa for the killing.
We request that authorities, including the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran, take serious measures in this regard to thwart the new conspiracies that they want to carry out against the Sunni community in Iran with the use of torture.
It should be noted that after protests against the use of torture in prison, including the torture Murad Mohammad Del Baluch and Abdul Majid Paidar, border patrol authorities came to the prison along with the Prison Inspector and put pressure on these prisoners to say in front of the camera that they were not tortured. According to reports, after the filming was completed, agents transferred Abdul Majid to quarantine.

Source » iran-hrm

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