Iran in Aleppo: ‘Kill all those who are trapped’

Syrian media sources said that General Javad al-Ghafari, commander of the Revolutionary Guards and 16 IRGC-backed Shiite militias wants to kill all those who are still trapped in eastern Aleppo, which is hampering the completion of the operation aiming to evacuate the rest of the civilians and fighters.

The sources said that General Ghafari has been in conflict with the Russians since the beginning; since he didn’t want civilians and opposition fighters to evacuate the besieged neighborhoods.

He hindered the Russian-Turkish agreement, where Iranian media had started to attack Russia in line with talks about this agreement.

Iranian media hinted about a conflict of interest between the two sides in Syria.

General Ghafari, who took command of the Revolutionary Guard and its affiliated militias in Syria after the killing of General Hussein Hamadani in October 2015, was able to break the siege of Aleppo by taking control of the Khanasser road up to the central prison of Aleppo, a year and a half after the start of the operation.

Source: / alarabiya /

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