Execution of rebellious youth Milad Bideh in Karaj and execution of Hamid Bakhshi, who was arrested at the age of 16, after 15 years in prison in Qezelhessar

Khamenei’s executioners today, Saturday, December 16, hanged a Baluch compatriot named Mohsen Salarzehi in Iranshahr prison and another Baluch prisoner in Zahedan Central Prison. On Friday, December 15, a Baluch compatriot named Davood Brahui was hanged in Qom Central Prison. On Thursday, December 14, two other Baluch compatriots, Khairullah Nahtani in Zahedan Central Prison and Mosafer Zargar in Mashhad Central Prison (Vakilabad), and a prisoner named Jamil in Shiraz Central Prison were hanged by the regime’s executioners.

In addition to the prisoners whose names were mentioned in the December 13 statement, at least 14 other prisoners were sent to the gallows by the bloody judiciary of Khamenei from December 4 to 13.

On December 13, Obeid Mahmoudi in Kermanshah, Khalil Majedi in Ahvaz, and Vahid Hajipour in Isfahan; on December 12, Rahim Emami and Milad Bideh in Karaj Central Prison, Abolfazl Abdolmolki and Bahram Seydzadeh in Qom Central Prison; Hamid Bakhshi in Qezelhessar Prison and Sajad Haqqizadeh in Khorramabad Central Prison; on December 11, Amin Joukar and Saeed Akbari in Shiraz Central Prison; on December 7, Mojtaba Malekpour in Shiraz Central Prison; and on December 4, Amir Alikhani in Rafsanjan prison and Sadegh Azhdar in Yasouj Central Prison were hanged.

Milad Bideh was one of the rebellious youths of Karaj who, in July 2022, along with his brother Meysam Bideh, was attacked by repressive forces due to the killing of a regime intelligence agent named Mansour Ebrahimi in Gohardasht. Meysam was killed in this criminal attack, and Milad was arrested and hanged on December 12, 2023, on the fabricated charge of “warring against God.” According to the Mizan News Agency affiliated with the regime’s judiciary on December 14, the Chief Justice of Alborz Province said: “The execution of Milad Bideh, the main perpetrator of the shooting that led to the murder in a car repair shop in the Owqafi neighborhood of Karaj, was carried out…. His brother, who was also armed, was killed in a gun battle with the agents during the pursuit and escape after this incident.”

Hamid Bakhshayesh, who was executed on December 12, was arrested in 2008 when he was only 16 years old and was hanged by the executioners after 15 years in prison.

The Iranian Resistance once again demands urgent action to stop the execution machine and massacre of the mullahs’ regime and the visit of an international fact-finding delegation to Iranian prisons and meeting with prisoners. Silence and inaction in the face of the record holder of torture and execution in the 21st century is a violation of all recognized democratic and human rights principles and an encouragement to the continuation of crimes against humanity by this regime.

Source » ncr-iran