According to an Israel News12 report quoting “various sources”, Iran is interested in purchasing Russian-built advanced fighter planes, Su-57s, to add to its air defense capabilities. There is doubt if such a deal will be approved however in light of Russian fears of a crisis with Israel.

Tehran is working hard to acquire the advanced Sukhoi Su-57 stealth fighter plane, which would significantly shift the regional balance if power negatively for Israel. However, according to Bulgarian Military News website on Monday indicated such a deal may be in the works.

“Acquiring small numbers of elite fighters, possibly coupled with retiring of multiple older squadrons, could provide the most cost effective means for Iran to modernize its aerial warfare capabilities. Such an approach would be far from unprecedented. Russia and Vietnam both cut the size of their fighter fleets in the Cold War’s aftermath due to budgetary constraints but invested in small numbers of elite air superiority fighters to provide a qualitative deterrent rather than a quantitative one,” the publication said.

In recent months, there have been reports citing Iran is interested in the S-400 advanced anti-aircraft system, which is comparable in costs with the Su-57.

“The cost would be similar to that of three S-400 regiments, but the contribution two dozen Su-57 fighters could make to Iran’s defenses – equipped with hypersonic air to air missiles and next generation avionics and electric warfare systems – would arguably be greater,” the website said.

Source » theyeshivaworld