On Tuesday, December 22, Iranian citizens from different walks of life held at least eight rallies, protesting the government and government-linked employers. In such circumstances, the government tries to silence any opposition under the excuse of Covid-19 protocols.

Furthermore, economic pressures prompted impoverished citizens to express their complaints and dissents about systematic plunder and corruption. The continuation of these moves shows the depth of Iranians’ hardship while they cannot ignore them despite the health risks.

Rally of Khomeini Port’s Contract Employees

In Khuzestan province, contract employees of the Special Region of Petrochemical Economy in Khomeini port held a rally, protesting the non-implementation of the labor law. For the second day, they protested government-linked managers for denying their inherent rights.

Citizens Protest Against Family Laws and Mehrieh

In Iran, Mehrieh is the obligation, in the form of money or possessions—particularly based on golden coins— paid by the groom to the bride at the time of Islamic marriage. Due to the nature of the religious fascism ruling Iran, the government intervenes in all aspects of people’s lives.

Following the state’s mismanagement in this field, a group of citizens held a rally in front of the Parliament (Majlis), protesting the family law and mehrieh.

“Our salaries are [based on rial—national currency]; however, coins—referring to mehrieh unit—are based on U.S. dollars,” and “The life’s hardships and multi-billion mehrieh” were chanted by protesters.

Notably, in recent years, the value of Iran’s national currency rial has unprecedently dropped against foreign currencies due to the Iranian regime’s economic failures and mismanagement, as well as squandering the country’s assets on sponsoring terrorism and suspicious nuclear projects.

Locals of Bahl Village Protest Granting Indigenous Lands to Non-Natives

In Hormozgan province, residents of Bahl village in Jask port protested granting indigenous lands to non-native people. In this respect, they rallied in front of the local governorate of Jask port.

Notably, the former governor had unilaterally granted many hectares of locals’ lands to non-native individuals. He did not notify the real owners of these estates and properties and illegally lined his pockets with impoverished people’s belongings.

Students of Tabriz Medical Sciences University Rally

In East Azarbaijan province, students of Tabriz Medical Sciences University held a rally, protesting dire educational conditions and problems of the university’s education system.

“No to barracks or real estate firms, hail to the university,” students’ banners read. They also raised a placard, reading, “Free Education, No Wall, No Border.”

Contract Teachers’ Rally

In Golestan province, northern Iran, contract teachers held a rally, protesting the education department for denial of their rights. They demanded officials recognize their inherent rights and recruit them as official teachers.

Due to their unclear conditions, they have no sustainable rights and salaries, and managers are able to trample their rights and ban them from privileges.

Locals of Ghal’e Chan’an Village Protest Unemployment

In Khuzestan province, a group of Ghal’e Chan’an village residents, southeast of Ahvaz, held a rally, protesting the lack of proper employment. On December 22, these impoverished people gathered in front of the Steel Industry Complex and Khuzestan Provincial Governorate for the second time.

Ghal’e Chan’an villagers complain to officials about recruiting non-native workers in Steel industry Complex, although many locals are unemployed. Due to Khuzestan’s unique conditions, the regime can create a significant number of careers in oil, steel, agriculture, transfer, and other fields. However, due to the mullahs’ and the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) mismanagement, Khuzestanis’ share of the province’s gift resources is poverty, misery, and hardship.

Municipal Waste Workers Rally in Bushehr Port

In Bushehr province, more than 100 waste workers held a rally in front of the local municipality, demanding their delayed insurance. During their gathering at General Park, workers also protested employers for not paying their regular pensions, as well as decreasing their salaries.

“Along with 100 persons of Bushehr Municipality, we held a rally, protesting officials for failing to pay our delayed insurance and decreasing our salaries. Up to now, the department has yet to pay the delayed insurance of last July, and those of April and September,” a worker said.

“Municipal workers’ contracts are set monthly. This month, our salaries were less than in past months. When we asked officials, they reckoned that to paying insurance, they had decreased our salaries,” the protester added.

Day-Three of Bus Drivers’ Protest in Urmia

In West Azarbaijan province, bus drivers of Urmia Public Transmission continued their strike for the third consecutive day. “We will continue our rally until the municipality pays attention to our demands and resolves our economic dilemmas,” said the bus drivers.

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