Iranian regime faces most serious threat in 40 years as economy worsens

Former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has recently become one of the most vocal critics of the Iranian regime, while Reza Pahlavi, exiled son of the late Shah, has been stepping up his activities in the United States for putting an end to the rule of the ayatollahs. And a considerable percentage of the Iranian people are distancing themselves from the government.
With all of this going on, the leaders in Tehran not only feel that the threats to overthrow their government are become more tangible than they have ever been, but are actually referring to this possibility openly. The various factions within the regime are in total agreement that the government is facing a new, unprecedented situation.

On Dec. 12, the supreme leader of the regime, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, called upon all government systems to be more alert than ever because, according to him, their enemies are scheming to turn the coming year into the year of the overthrow of the Iranian regime.
According to Khamenei, these enemies hoped that the summer of 2018 would be a “hot summer” for the Iranian regime. However, he said, now that the summer is behind them and the Iranian Islamic Republic draws closer to February 2019, when it enters its 40th year, all the signs and facts show that the enemies have postponed the deadline for the fulfillment of their schemes against Iran to the coming year, therefore making it a critical year.1
In an address to the Iranian Parliament on Dec. 18, Mahmoud Alavi, minister of intelligence in Hassan Rouhani’s government, stated that the regime is facing a new, unprecedented situation, as not only enemy countries but also the intelligence services of the countries bordering Iran have rolled up their sleeves and are working directly against the Iranian regime.
Alavi expressed his surprise that even the neighboring countries that are the most friendly towards Iran have been working recently against the country and are supporting “terror groups” as much as they can, sending these groups money and assistance with military training and acquiring weapons.
The intelligence minister also admitted that the regime feels threatened by the Iranian opposition, which is growing more powerful around the world. According to him, during the past year alone, Iranian opposition groups held 64 conferences worldwide for the purpose of joining together and overcoming the internal differences among them.

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