After the Leader led the prayers in the funeral of Martyr Mosuavi’s caskets in Tehran on Thursday, the funeral procession continued in Tehran’s iconic Imam Hossein Square in the east of the capital.

A group of IRGC commanders including the top commander Hossein Salami were attending the funeral ceremony.

Addressing the ceremony, the IRGC commender-in-chief described martyr Mousavi as one of the most experienced and effective IRGC commanders in the Resistance Front.

“The noble martyr stood for more than three decades in the most difficult conditions for the sake of the security of the Islamic Ummah,” he added.

“He was a companion of the immortal martyr Hajj Qassem Soleimani,” Major General Salami continued to laud martyr Mousavi’s efforts.

The IRGC commander went on to clarify once again that the Palestinian Resistance are independent movements that make their own decision on their own without receiving order from the Islamic Republic of Iran, as the Western states claim that they are Iran’s proxies.

“I officially declare that Al-Aqsa Storm Operation was and is completely Palestinian, Palestine itself is powerful. Hamas and Islamic Jihad Jihad produce weapons in Gaza. Every martyr falls on the ground, dozens of young men take up his arms. There is no end for this Resistance in sight,” General Salami underscored.

“Hezbollah’s decisions are independent and based on the interests of the Palestinian people,” the IRGC commander further highlighted.

Source » mehrnews