Hezbollah Is Iran Regime’s Police in the Region

The former Secretary General of Hezbollah, Sheikh Subhi al-Tufayli in an interview with Anatolia News said:”the Iranian regime uses Hezbollah as its police in the region. Hezbollah is not only an organization but also a group that lacks will and power and it is controlled by the Iranian regime. Most of Hezbollah members are aware that the Syrian conflict is based on the wicked objectives and unfounded allegations. Nevertheless, they are not able to disobey the orders of the Iranian regime.”

He also referred to the killing of the Syrians by the Iranian regime and added:”those who claims that they came to Syria to defend Islam; if they really came to help the Muslims, they would not seek help from Russia then. Russia was sure that the Iranian regime is not able to win the war. Consequently, they meddled directly but unfortunately the war will be longer and more complicated.”

Source: / ncr-iran /

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