Armed Forces Social Security Investment – Involved In

Classified Documents Show Iran’s IRGC Dominates Oil Revenue

Documents recently obtained by the Iranian Resistance reveal a great deal about the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ (IRGC) role in Iran’s economy and prove how interdependent the ruling establishment ...
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Iran’s regime plans to give power, profits to terrorism-linked group

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran (IRGC) stands to take control of Iran’s economy by gaining full power over the "economic arteries" of the country, according to an ...
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Instructions of Regime’s Social Security Organization of Armed Forces

Create 22-person Rapid Deployment Suppressive Teams, equipping and arming them with economic holding funds in Basij force within departments of Fars and East Azerbaijan located in the Petrochemical industry
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ifmat - Iran regime loots from workers during coronavirus crisis

Iran regime loots from workers during coronavirus crisis

During the coronavirus crisis, the Iranian regime has been looting a business supposedly owned by workers and retirees, according to the National Council of Resistance of Iran.
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ifmat - SPI Foreign Branches

SPI International Proprietary partners projects and activities

SPI International Proprietary worked on projects for Mokran Petrochemical Complex, Marjan Petrochemical Company, Bushehr Petrochemical Complex and other entitites owned by the Iranian Regime
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ifmat - US to extend four sanctions waivers on Iran Nuclear Program

U.S. imposed new sanctions on Iran Regime – March 18, 2020

The State Department on Wednesday announced it is slapping new sanctions on Iran as renewed rocket attacks have been launched at U.S. forces in Iraq by what are believed ...
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