Instructions for the regime’s Social Security Organization of Armed Forces:

Create 22-person Rapid Deployment Suppressive Teams, equipping and arming them with economic holding funds in Basij force within departments of Fars and East Azerbaijan located in the Petrochemical industry

The Information Protection department of the Social Security Organization of Armed Forces will examine the eligibilities of the individuals introduced by the Basij force in petrochemical Industries for the rapid deployment team responsible for suppressing any uprisings

The Security and Anti-Terrorism Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran informs the petrochemical workers in Tabriz and Shiraz

The following document is the instructions of the regime’s Social Security Organization of Armed Forces (known as SATA) obtained by the Iranian Resistance’s network within Iran.


Ministry of Defense and Logistics of Armed Forces

Armed Forces Social Security Organization

Date: 14/11/2022
Classification: Highly confidential
Urgency: Urgent

From: Economic Directorate of SATA
To: Recipients Listed Below
Subject: Supply and Protection Measures for Sensitive Economic Centers

Regarding the resolutions made during the meeting held on 12/11/2022 pertaining to the supply and protection measures for the inspection of the Social Security Organization of the Armed Forces, the following measures have been approved:

– Local Basij units… will form rapid deployment teams of 22-person groups under the Basij force, which will operate in departments of the Fars and East Azerbaijan provinces located in Tabriz and Shiraz petrochemical industries, utilizing the forces of the same petrochemical industries. The necessary permits for this initiative will also be provided by the units.

– SATA Information Protection will examine the eligibilities of the individuals recommended by the Basij force of the petrochemical industries for the rapid deployment teams. The maximum period of investigation will be 15 days.

– All costs related to forming, training, equipping, and arming these teams will be covered by the economic holdings of the relevant companies.

– Within the next 24 hours, an inspection and protection team must visit these two petrochemical industries and take the necessary measures.

Please give instructions that the necessary measures are adopted to implement the aforementioned decisions.

Economic Deputy of Social Security Organization (Armed Forces)
Kamran Pour-Mohammadi

Address: Tehran – Sardar Soleimani Highway – Seyyed Khandan Bridge – Shahid Kaboli Street (former primary school) – Vali Amr Building


ifmat - Instructions of Regime Social Security Organization of Armed Forces