SPI International Proprietary Ltd (SPII) as the leading of Chemical & Petrochemical Marketing and Distribution Company is incorporated in South Africa in 1966, owned by SATA Investment Co. (SHASTAN) which is the 3rd largest Pension Funds in Iran. ( SHASTAN apart from its powerful presence in number of industries acts as a shareholder in various petrochemical plants in Iran namely : Pardis, Zagrous, Tabriz, Bushehr, Marjan, Arya Sasol, Laleh, Marun, Kermanshah, Khorasan, Fanavaran, Ilam, Morvarid, Arvand, Shiraz, Pars, Kian Petro, etc…);

SPII is in charge of Export of various Products of the above nominated Petrochemicals either from those plants owned by the Group/ SHASTAN ,or the other Petrochemical Plants as well;

According to their official website, SPI International Proprietary partners are Iranian companies that are owned by the Iran Regime or entities sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury Department:
1. Negin Mokran Development Company
2. Bushehr Petrochemical Company
3. Marjan Petrochemical Company
4. Arya Sasol Polymer Company


ifmat - SPI Partners

SPI International Proprietary has offices in Germany, Hong Kong, Oman and Iran. Their addresses are:
– Hermanstrabe 20095, 10 Hamburg, Germany
– RM2914,29/F, HO KING, Commercial Center, 2-16 FA YUEN Street, MONGKOK, KL HK
– No.608, Business center building, AL-Khuwair, Sultanate of Oman
– 6th Floor, No.7, Motavalliyan Blvd, Habibullah St, Sattarkhan Ave, Tehran-Iran

Foriegn Branches

ifmat - SPI Foreign Branches

SPI International Proprietary worked on projects for:
1. Mokran Petrochemical Complex
– Mokran Petrochemical Complex consists of four urea-ammonia plants, four methanol-ammonia plants, four methanol plants, two olefin plants, one aromatics plant, one methanol-to-propylene plant and one crystal melamine plant plus three sections reserved for construction of additional plants and nine sections reserved for construction of 30 downstream units. Total projected production capacity of the complex will be 25 million MT/Y;

2. Marjan Petrochemical Company
– Marjan Petrochemical Company is a Methanol plant (located in Assaluyeh Port, south of Iran) with an annual capacity of 1,650,000 MT.
License & Basic engineering: Haldor Topsoe.

3. Bushehr Petrochemical Complex
– Bushehr Petrochemical Complex is a mega –project company mainly in production of Methanol, MEG being located in Assalouyeh port/ south of Iran, with a total capacity of 4,500,000 MT per year.

SPI International Proprietary – Projects

ifmat - SPI Projects

The U.S. Department of State imposed sanctions, pursuant to E.O. 13846, on the following two entities, each of which owns or controls SPI International Proprietary Limited and had knowledge of its sanctionable activities.
– South African company Main Street 1095; and
– Iranian entity Armed Forces Social Security Investment Company