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The Corruption and Power Struggles Within Iran’s Car Market

In continuation of the ongoing exploitation of the Iranian people, the regime’s parliament has finally passed a bill that gives the approval to import used cars. These lethal vehicles, ...
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Foreign working partners of Iran Casting Industries

Iran Casting Industries Company manufactures automotive iron casting parts for trucks, buses, and mini buses in France, Italy, and Iran - Iran Casting Industries Company operates as a subsidiary ...
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ifmat - Crouse Company - Foreign Partners

Foreign partners of Crouse Company – Iran

Foreign partners according to Crouse Company website are: 1. Continental Automotive Systems (Germany) 2. Mando (South Korea) 3. Valeo 4. S&T; Motiv (South Korea) 5. Desay SV Automotive (Germany)
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Crouse Company is working with entities sanctioned by U.S.

Crouse Company is the largest automotive part manufacturer in Iran. According to their official website, Crouse Company is working with Iran Khodro, Bahman Group, Renault Pars, SAIPA
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ifmat - What You Don Know about Crouse Company Iran

What You Don’t Know about Crouse Company Iran

Cruz Company was founded in 1983. Vismon Motors Inc., a subsidiary of the Cruise Industries Group, in 1995, owned 62.2 percent of the Bahman Auto...
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