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Cruz Company was established in 1983.

Vismon Motors Inc., a subsidiary of the Cruise Industries Industries Group, owned 62.2 percent of the Bahman Auto Group’s stock in 1995.

Members of the Board of Directors of Tadbir Capital Arad in 2011 and Vismon Motors (established in 2014) in the Cruz manufacturing company also have a management seat, while in the Cruz manufacturing company, the chairman and vice president of the company are the chairman and The vice chairman of Tadbir Capital Arad Board of Directors, which was registered on May 5, 2014, is responsible.

The study shows that the Crude Coal Company has implemented the ownership of automobile stocks through Tadbir Capital Arad Co. for Iran Khodro Co. and has won about 16 percent of Iran Khodro’s shares as the largest shareholder in the company’s major shareholder portfolio. .

The Cruz manufacturing complex, which is now in the board of directors of Iran Khodro, owns a management seat. In the years 92 and 93, it was specifically mentioned as the directors of the company in the composition of the board of directors of the automobile, but after the change of ownership of the stock These individuals, called Tadbir Capital Arad, have changed this procedure so that they can be clearly seen carefully in how to register this company and apply a thorough audit, although the cruise managers are not shareholders in their name in Iran Khodro, but in reality these two owners of shares Are still available.

The fact is that although the ownership of the cruise managers’ shares in Iran Khodro has been registered in the name of Tadbir Capital Arad, but in transactions with affiliated persons, this amount of money is not transferred from this assignment, indicating transactions under Article 129 of the Commercial Code.

According to the statistics of the automakers, the cruise line group annually sells about 2000 billion USD to Iran Khodro and sells about 1000 billion USD to Saipa.

The capital of Arad Tadbir Capital is over one billion USD and its board of directors is as follows.

Hamid Keshavarz Tochahi as chairman of the board
Mohammad Alipour Fetrati , Vice Chairman of the Board
Sironaz Alipour Fetrati as a member of the board of directors
Farzaneh Alamieh as a member of the board of directors
Pedram Keshavarz Tochahi as a member of the board of directors

An interesting point in this regard is the direct presence of all members of the board of directors of the company in the composition of the board of directors of the manufacturing company Cruz (special joint stock company), each of which in the Cruise Company according to the minutes of the Board of Directors dated 90.5.15 is as follows.
Mohammad Alipour Fetrati as chairman of the board
Farzaneh Alamieh as Vice-Chairman of the Board
Hamid Keshavarz Tochahi as Managing Director and Board Member
Sironaz Alipour Fetrati as a member of the board of directors

A simple blindfold

As you can see, all the members of Tadbir Capital Arad Co. in the manufacturing company Cruz has a managerial seat while at the Cruz manufacturing company, the chairman and vice chairman of the company are the chairman and vice chairman of the board of directors of the company, one billion USD The Car Manufacturers of Cruise (Private Limited Company), registered on May 5, this year. On the other hand, Tadbir Capital Arad, the chairman and vice president of the company, are also the real shareholders of 3.40 and 3.41% of Iran Khodro. Therefore, if the shareholding of Tadbir Capital Arad Co. in Iran Khodro and the recent purchased block of Shasta are taken into account and, on the other hand, we assume that the right of voting of the major shareholders of Iran Khodro to the company will be transferred to the company, it can be stated that the members The board of directors of the manufacturing company of Cruz indirectly owns 14.09% in the automobile symbol.

Factory 1

Land area: 26,000 square meters

Covered area: 31,000 square meters

Products: Switches and connectors, decorative parts, markers and multimedia, propulsion, body control and protection, electronic boards

Factory 2

Land area: 40,000 square meters

Covered area: 30,000 square meters

Products: Wire cord

Factory 3

Land area: 170,000 square meters

Covered area: 65,000 square meters

Products: Suspension and Brakes, Decorative Parts, Dashboards & Shields, Airbags & Safety, Lights, Mirrors, Ventilation Systems

Cruise Under Companies

Expand the industry of traits

Raneh Industrial Co. was established in Tehran in 1391. The company is one of the cruise company’s subsidiaries with the aim of producing the main components of the automobile, with major manufacturing processes including machining activities such as cylinder block, cylinder head, camshaft, crankshaft, shantom and similar parts. At the moment, the company has started machining the Samand Automobile Cylinder Block and has also completed another new project. The company has about 80 personnel.

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Hamid Keshavarz Tuchaei and Mohammad Alipour Fetrati (two main owners of Cruz)

Iskra Iron Ore

Iskra Autoelectric Iran (IAI) was founded in Tehran in 1998. The parts production plant is located in the industrial city of Amir Kabir Kashan. The historic city of Kashan is located 280 kilometers south of Tehran on the Sahara border, and the Iskra factory has 10,000 square meters of land, of which 6500 square meters is the roof space. In 2012, Cruz bought 60% of the stock of Iskra and took over the company’s management. The Iskra company has a total of 200 manpower in Tehran and Kashan and produces two groups of automotive components: the Dynamo and Starter. In other words, Iskra Company is a designer and manufacturer of various types of passenger cars, as well as various types of engines for combustion engines up to a capacity of 2 liters.

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History of Cruise Company Coil production (1393) Production of Ventilation System Parts (1392) Production of Radio Recording (1391) Factory setting 3: Production of dashboards, shields, airbags and lights (2011) Production of parts for body control and protection (2009) Production of suspension parts and brakes (2007) Factory setting 2: Transmission of all production lines to the factory (2005) Production of propeller parts (2004) Exports of wire rope to Europe (1379) Markers production (1378) Manufacturing of decorative items (1375) Production of wires (1374) Entry to the automotive industry: the production of a variety of car switches (1371) Production of telecommunication connectors and switches (1369) Production of switch and switch of appliances (1362) Factory opening (1361)

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