IRGC-Qods Force – Involved In

ifmat - The Fall of the Persian empire

The Fall of the Persian empire – is history repeating itself?

The Persian empire was almost invincible at the time. It was expanding, conquering neighboring countries, confronting other empires, and ruling over foreign people without really understanding what makes them ...
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Iran consistently violates diplomatic protection and international law

On April 1, 2024, a suspected Israeli airstrike destroyed the Iranian consulate in Damascus, marking a significant escalation in regional tensions. The attack, resulting in the deaths of eight ...
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Hezbollah’s expected Response to IRGC-QF Gen. Mohammad Zahedi’s killing

According to the Syrian Army, at 17:00 hours on April 1, Israel launched an airborne attack from over the Golan Heights, targeting a building in Damascus that it described ...
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Countering Iran’s Multifaceted Terrorist Threats

For decades, Iran's own Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Qods Force has engaged in assassination attempts, terrorist plots, and other violence targeting U.S. personnel and interests,” said Ambassador Richard
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Who Was The Iranian terrorist Killed In Damascus Strike

Born on Nov. 2, 1960, in Isfahan, central Iran, Mohammad Reza Zahedi was a contemporary and close friend of Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, the 62-year-old commander of the Quds ...
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Mixed Reactions Among Iranian Regime Insiders Over Israeli Attack

While certain Iranian regime figures advocate for a military retaliation to the Israeli strike on Iran’s consulate in Damascus, others propose a measured response to avoid escalation. Former Iranian ...
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