IRGC-Qods Force – Involved In

US and UK Sanction IRGC Deputy Commander, Houthi Member

The United States and United Kingdom have sanctioned a deputy commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and a member of Yemen’s Tehran-backed Houthi rebel group. Mohammad Reza ...
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Iran controls its proxies despite regime’s narrative

The Hamas’s brutal onslaught on the Jewish communities bordering the Gaza Strip, the massive Houthi disruption of navigation in Bab al Mandab and the Red Sea, and Kataib Hezbollah’s ...
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Dozens Of UK-Based Iranian Journalists Harassed

Top secret intelligence documentation obtained by a hacktivist group reveals Tehran targeted dozens of Iran International TV staff with financial bans and threats to their families amid protests in ...
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ifmat - The dark side of the Iranian revolution

The dark side of the Iranian revolution

As if the Iranian regime needs a dark side, darker than mass executions, darker than a recurring clandestine nuclear weapons program, darker than brutal oppression of minorities, and promoting ...
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US blacklists network accused of procuring US tech for Iran

The Biden administration has blacklisted three people and four companies that the United States accuses of procuring American goods and technology for Iran and the Middle Eastern country's U.S.-designated ...
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Baghdad Caught in U.S.-Iran Crossfire

U.S. retaliatory strikes on Iran-aligned Iraqi militia targets over the past two weeks have widened divisions within the Iraqi government and between U.S. and Iraqi officials over the future ...
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