Sitky Ayan – Involved In

ifmat - Interesting detail about Sitki Ayan What does it have to do with Bumerz Shipping

Interesting detail about Sıtkı Ayan: What does it have to do with Bumerz Shipping?

The activities of Ayan, who founded Bellway Limited Company, in Turkey also came to the fore; Bumerz Denizcilik also created one of the topics of discussion.
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ifmat - US Treasury sanctions 4 Iran-linked financiers for moving funds to Hamas

U.S. puts sanctions on Turkish businessman, citing links to Iran’s Quds Force

The Biden administration levied sanctions on Thursday on prominent Turkish businessman Sitki Ayan and his network of firms, accusing him of acting as a facilitator for oil sales and ...
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ifmat - US security company says Iranian hackers targeted American and Israeli medical experts

Sitky Ayan – A Turkish businessman who operates on behalf of Qods Force

In the past few months, senior Turkish businessman Sitky Ayan has been involved in Iranian oil trade deals on behalf of Qods Force. Ayan heads the Turkish oil corporation ...
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