Clashes broke out between Iranian protesters and security forces in Tehran as gunfire was reported in Azadi Square in Tehran, according to the Al Hadath news agency. Video being circulated from Tehran showed at least one woman reportedly injured after being shot by security forces. Additional videos from the Iranian capital showed security forces storming protesters, as protests continued to spread to additional cities throughout the country.

Videos of protesters in Tehran tearing up pictures of former IRGC Quds Force commander Qasem Soleimani surfaced on Twitter. Another video showed protesters burning a billboard memorializing Soleimani.

Another video circulated on social media showed security forces beating protesting women in Sanandaj in Western Iran. Similar reports of security forces beating protesters appeared in other cities as well.

US President Donald Trump urged Iranian leaders not to kill protesters in a tweet on Sunday, referencing protests in November when over 1,000 protesters were killed and thousands more were injured and arrested.

Some reports claimed that security forces were firing directly at protesters and a video being circulated showed blood from injuries in the incident, but this has not yet been confirmed.

Videos circulated on social media on Sunday evening showed security forces firing tear gas at protesters in Tehran, as demonstrations blocked traffic in the city.

Demonstrations swept through the country on Saturday and Sunday after the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps admitted that it had shot down a Ukrainian passenger plane, killing all those on board, during an Iranian missile attack on US bases in Iraq. Sources told Iran International that civilian flights in the area were allowed to continue in order to provide a “human shield” against a possible US response.

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