The activity of a terror network in Congo that was handled by Quds Force Unit 840, Iran’s long-standing terror arm that exports terror to the rest of the world, had been disrupted.

We are now exposing new details about the people behind the network and the targets that the network members planned to attack.

As already reported, the key figure in the network is a Pakistani called Mehdi Hassan.

Mehdi Hassan had been tasked with pursuing four targets in Congo.

An investigation into Mehdi Hassan’s activities was conducted and information was received that indicated he was targeting U.S. and Jewish individuals in Congo in support of the IRGC-QF.

Mehdi Hassan appeared to focus on the Chabad House in Kinshasa and had possibly been spotted throughout Gombe and in the diplomatic quarter, which is where various Western ambassadors live.

Some of the network members identified in their questioning the photos of Ali Tanhaei and Hamid Zara’ati, key field officers in Quds Force Unit 840, as the brains behind the operational activity.

Hamid Zara’ati answers to field officer Mohsen Ali Nejad Kari Bozorg.

ifmat - New Details about the terror Network in Congo that was exposed

A Quds Force Department 840’s terror network in Congo has been disrupted

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